Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Killer B*****s of The Zombie Holocaust: Review

Killer Bitches of The Zombie Holocaust
writer- Dean Mitchell
pencils- Alberto Rodriguez
inks and colors- Mark Beer

Hot chicks, big guns, loads of zombies and a healthy dose of carnage. That's this book in a nutshell. If you're thinking that the zombie fad is over, think again because this thing is full of flesh-eating necrotic monsters and it feels completely brand new.

Sarah and Laura are just two friends trying to get on with their day when they find their world has been turned upside down. They find out that somebody in a place called“the Dome,” has isolated their town and infected it with a zombie plague. Only 100 people have been spared and only 4 are allowed out alive. Essentially, these two young ladies are the newest contestants in a brutal game-show where they have to kill to survive and survive to win.
Killer Bitches of the Zombie Holocaust reads like a sci-fi/horror “B” movie, and with good reason. Dean Mitchell, the series creator, originally wrote it as a film script. He threw together a good little film, but something told him that the story would really kick off if it were a comic book. Now that he's completed the script and has an artist rendering his vision, he sees this series as a sort of spring board to possibly take to film companies that might want to turn his little gem into a full blown feature. Mitchell's story is told by the perspective of the girls and by the perspective of the people in “the Dome.” It's interesting and exciting and you're going to hate having to put it down.
Three cheers to the artistic team who worked on this book. Alberto Rodriguez is responsible for the pencils and Mark Beer did the inks and colors.
Rodriguez's art is clean. There's a definite cinematic style to the layouts and the way his scenes fit together, so it's obvious that he gets the writer's original inspiration. The characters become alive and jump off the page in a 3D effect you don't see very often in print. Beer's inks and colors add quite a bit to this effect. I've seen a few colored panels, but the best of the art in this book is the black and white with shocking splashes of blood red, explosive yellow, and subtle blues and greens placed in just the right spots.
Killer Bitches of The Zombie Holocaustfrom Hound Comics is a killer book. There's plenty of gore, plenty of action, and the flirting from these two hotties never stops. I am so looking forward to episode 2.

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